Tabak market

Tabak Market holds a chain of kiosks for cigarettes and alcohol Лафка, with over 800 sites in the country. All sites of Lafka use integrated commercial software DETELINA, with many additional modules such as connection with a Bank Terminal, connection with Cash Credit, Lotto games, cash collection, communication system, an interface to SAP and many others. The hardware in the sites include ELTRADE A300 cash registers, terminals KL S POS Tysso Zenis 3000, Datalogic QW2120 barcode scanners, etc. The objects use consumables from the brand GLIGAN by Eltrade.

Aqua varvara

SPA Hotel "Aqua Varvara" is an elegant boutique hotel with an outdoor and indoor swimming pools with mineral water. The restaurant of the hotel works with a system built by Eltrade. The system consists of fiscal devices, POS printers and POS terminals with touch screens. All supplies, recipes, scrapping and client orders are managed through commercial software Detelina. An application enhancement is made for the visualization of the water temperature in the pools and air. This information is fed in real time and displayed on the screens of POS terminals. The doors of the hotel rooms are opened by means of access control system with RFID cards by Eltrade. 

Bulgarian National Assembly

Food court at the National Assembly use canteen system, designed and built by Eltrade. The system includes commercial software Detelina, Tysso POS terminal Zenis 3000 with VFD customer display, fiscal printer Epson TM-T81F KL, Datalogic QW2120 barcode scanner, cash drawer, POS Terminal NCR RP21.


The telecommunication operator Telenor uses fiscal devices of Eltrade in company stores. 400 Telecom sites located on the territory of Bulgaria are equipped with cash registers ELTRADE A300S and A100S ELTRADE.


Mr. Bricolage is a chain of 11 department stores, offering a variety of products for garden, home and office. All sites are managed by systems designed and built by Eltrade and use commercial software Detelina. The workstations are equipped with fiscal printers Epson TM-U220 TM E4 and Epson DV-T810F KL. POS peripheral devices are also provided by Eltrade: POS terminals, barcode scanners, mobile terminals for data collection, etc.


All retail stores of BILLA in Bulgaria are equipped with hardware for POS systems by Eltrade. POS printer Epson TM-260 T and Epson TM-88 V T, GPRS terminals ELTRADE CC200, mobile terminals Zebra MC 3190 and built-in scanners Datalogic Magellan 9800i. BILLA use consumables ' GLIGAN '.


Central Cooperative Union has more than 40 stores in Bulgaria. The sites work with commercial software DETELINA, fiscal printers Epson TM-U220 DV and cash registers A300 S KL. The full range of POS peripherals is also by Eltrade - POS printers, barcode readers, mobile terminals, POS terminals, UPS, electronic scales, displays and cash drawer.


Hippoland is a chain of hypermarkets for baby goods. All 24 of the company's retail stores in the country use commercial software Detelina, fiscal devices and POS equipment by Eltrade.


"OMV Bulgaria" EOOD equips all its petrol stations in the country with fiscal printers EPSON TM-T81F E3 KL supplied by Eltrade.

Kozloduy NPP

NPP Kozloduy has grocery stores, canteen and cafeteria. The objects are managed with commercial software DETELINA with modules "Central Office" and "X-PAY card". POS hardware, integrated in the system include fiscal printers, cash registers, barcode scanners and POS terminals by Eltrade.

Sofia airport

Duty free shops at the airport are equipped with POS hardware by Eltrade: cash registers, fiscal printers, UPS, barcode scanners and cash drawers.

Sofiyska voda

The pay desks of Sofiyska voda use both fiscal printers Epson TM-U220 DV, and cash registers by Eltrade A100 to account revenues from services.


Party Food is a well established company dealing with industrial catering and food supply. The sites of the company are managed with commercial software DETELINA with modules for canteens and card payments. Hardware configuration consists of POS terminals Tysso Zenis 3000 with client displays, card readers, POS terminals  NCR Real POS 21, Motorola Scanners, fiscal printer Epson TM-T 81 F KL and Epson TM U-220 F DV, POS printers Epson TM U-220, electronic scales, PC configuration for the BOS workplaces and server.

Distribution of press AD

Distribution of press AD has over 180 retail outlets for the sale of newspapers, tickets, cigarettes and others. Sales in all pavilions are carried out through a system designed and built by Eltrade with commercial software for stores DETELINA. The hardware includes cash registers ELTRADE A300 S KL, Datalogic barcode scanners and POS terminals Tysso. In objects that have no power supply, is used ELTRADE A6 MINI POS. This unique for the Bulgarian market solution allows these objects to issue tax receipts and to transmit data wirelessly to the Central Office. 


United Milk Company AD is a manufacturer and distributor of brands Vereya, Fibella, Khansko and Rusalka. The company uses mobile cash registers ELTRADE A100S for reporting revenue from home delivery.


Chain clothing stores New Yorker equipped its sites with hardware by Eltrade. Fiscal printers Epson TM-T260F, customer displays and Tysso cash drawers are installed at the cash workplaces. The stores of the chain use consumables by Eltrade - cash register rolls GLIGAN.


Chains clothing stores and have 24 outlets in Bulgaria. Receipts in all stores are printed by fiscal printers Epson TM-T81F of Eltrade. Terranova and Calliope used consumables brand GLIGAN - labels for marking pliers and paper rolls with logo print of the brand on the back of the receipt.


PEEK & CLOPPENBURG is a German chain of clothing stores with outlets in 9 countries. The company chose fiscal printers Epson TM-T260F and client displays Tysso VFD-450E by Eltrade for its stores in Bulgaria.


MANGO stores in Sofia use fiscal devices of Eltrade for reporting sales. Devices operating in the company's sites are fiscal printers Epson TM-T81F KL and cash registers ECR A300 S KL.


Carol Fernandez Meats Ltd. manages sales and inventory of the company's stores with commercial software DETELINA. The sites have a remote connection to the central office and module for data export to ERP system Microsoft Navision. The sites of the KFM are equipped with POS hardware of Eltrade – fiscal printers, cash registers, POS terminals, barcode readers, electronic scales, POS printers, etc. KFM use EDI service for the electronic exchange of data provided by Eltrade.


"Tandem B" Ltd. have two company stores that serve their customers with a store management system built by Eltrade. The system includes POS terminals, fiscal printers, barcode readers and cash drawers. The hardware is managed by commercial software DETELINA.


The stands of Kenar are managed with commercial software DETELINA and complete POS system by Eltrade, which includes: POS Terminal NCR RP21, fiscal printer EpsonTM-U220A, scanner Symbol LS2208 USB and others.


Happy is the fastest growing restaurant chain in Bulgaria. They have won awards for favourite brand of Bulgarian consumer, the most successful brand in restaurants and much more. Happy chose Eltrade as a provider of POS terminals NCR RP20 and POS printers Epson TM-U220A for the needs of the restaurants in the chain.

happy Lady

Happy lady is a catering company, established in 1998 in Varna. The company has 6 sites, working with commercial software DETELINA. All sites are managed by a central office. To build a trading system Eltrade’s integrators used POS Terminal TYSSO Zenis and POS printers Epson TMU 220 and Epson TMT20.

Bulgarian National Revenue Agency

National Revenue Agency uses cash registers ELTRADE A300 DVV S as part of the system in their educational centres.


The financial institution TAVEX uses fiscal printers Epson TM-T81F by Eltrade for issuing receipts at the sites of the chain offices.


"Nikas Bulgaria" EAD is a recognized producer of meat products on the Bulgarian market. The company uses mobile cash registers A100S brand Eltrade for home delivery of products.

Outlet Via Trakia

The largest outlet for designer clothes in Bulgaria Via Trakia manages the processes in its complex (shop, restaurant and hotel) via software DETELINA. The hardware used in the facility include: fiscal printer Epson TM-T81F DV, POS printer Epson TM-T20, barcode scanners Symbol LS2208, POS terminal Tysso Zenis 3000.


The canteen at the Commandantship office at the Ministry of Defence uses a system of Eltrade managed by software DETELINA. Hardware system includes a cash register A300 S KL, fiscal printers Epson TM-T81F DV, POS terminals and barcode scanners. The 3 cafeterias of the CO's office transmit data to the system. Besides the canteen system the CO's office uses a software for internal applications orders developed by Eltrade.


Avanti is a Bulgarian chain stores for alcohol, tobacco, sugar and other products. The company chose Eltrade as a provider of POS hardware and fiscal devices Eltrade A300 S KL for its sites.

Grand Foods

The Grand Foods is a chain of stores for gourmet Italian foods, alcohol and beverages. The sites of the chain are working with commercial software DETELINA and are managed centrally with the module "Central Office". Hardware configuration in stores includes fiscal printer Epson TM-T81F KL, barcode readers Datalogic Magellan 800i, ELTRADE A300 cash registers, POS terminals Tysso Zenis 3000, POS Terminals NCR RP21, cash drawers and more.


The company distributes leading brands such as Baileys, Bushmills, Captain Morgan, Hennessy, Johnnie Walker and many others. Avendi couriers use mobile cash registers ELTRADE A100S KL for issuing fiscal receipts.


The company store of Nestle is equipped with system by Eltrade with integrated software Detelina. The hardware consists of a fiscal printer Epson TM-T81F DV, Symbol LS 2208 scanner, POS terminal NCR RP30, cash safe and client’s display.

Technical Univesity Sofia

Catering facilities for faculty and staff at the Technical University of Sofia is organized with a system integrated by Eltrade. The system includes a computer configuration, POS printer Epson TM-T20, POS terminal Tysso 5715 and fiscal printer Epson TM-T81F KL. POS hardware is managed by software DETELINA with modules for pre-orders and card payment.


Aroma is a Bulgarian company for the production of a wide range of hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics with natural ingredients. The company uses systems of Eltrade in its seven corporate stores in Bulgaria. In the sites commercial software DETELINA is integrated with centralized management through module "Central Office". POS hardware includes barcode readers Symbol LS2208 and fiscal printers Epson TM-T81F KL by Eltrade.


The company Ciela norm AD integrated POS hardware of Eltrade in the chain bookstores Ciela. All sites operate with fiscal printers Epson TM-T81F KL and Epson TM-U220 E4 DV, cash registers ELTRADE A300 S KL, barcode scanners and cash drawers.

SOT 161

SOT 161 offer centralized security, physical security, cash collection, video surveillance and other services. The company uses Eltrade cash registers.


Happy Dreams are manufacturer of mattresses and sleep accessories. The company is on the Bulgarian market for over 15 years and has six stores in Sofia operating with cash registers from Eltrade A300 S.


Eltrade integrated software Detelina in four stores of the chain grocery stores LEKSI in Plovdiv. For the specific needs of the sites new software functionality of the software have been developed. Four sites of the company are managed by the module "Central Office". Supermarkets are equipped with mobile data terminals Symbol MC9002 from Eltrade.

Witte automotive

Vitte Automotive plant in Rousse uses a system for canteens from Eltrade. The system includes three POS terminals Tysso Zenis 3000, POS printers Epson TM-T20. The hardware is managed by commercial software DETELINA with modules for pre-order menu and Xpay card payment Server. A scheme of a similar system can be found here.  

Dry cleaning Rossa

Dry cleaning "Rossa" is the first brand in the industry with quality standard ISO 9001-2008. The company has 5 sites in Blagoevgrad, which manage their orders with software ICONOM and POS printers integrated into a system by Eltrade.


"Trapezata" is an innovative cuisine for online orders with a separate fast food premises. The two sites of the company are managed by commercial software Detelina, with a touchscreen kitchen management module. The hardware by Eltrade, which the company uses includes cash registers ELTRADE A300 KL and ELTRADE A100 S S KL, electronic scales CAS ER CBU PLUS 6/15kg, labelling printers Samsung SLP-D420, Datalogic scanner QW2120 and customer displays.


ТЕМАХ is a chain of construction hypermarkets with eight sites in the country. All stores are equipped with systems of Eltrade and are managed by the module "Central office" of commercial software DETELINA. The hardware part of POS workstations include fiscal printers EPSON TMU220DV and EPSON TMT810F KL, as well as POS monitor TYSSO PPD.

Srubska skara

The company has five sites in Varna: company store with cutting plant; 3 fast food sites and one restaurant. The sites use commercial software DETELINA installed and are managed by module "Central Office". The hardware at the sites includes cash registers ELTRADE A300 S KL, POS terminals Tysso Zenis 3000 and POS printers Tysso PRP58.

Winery Belogradets

Winery Belogradets was established in 2011. It offers quality wines produced from grapes from their own vineyards. The company has 6 stores that work with the most innovative POS solution on the Bulgarian market – A6 ELTRADE POS MINI. The six devices receive and transmit data wirelessly to the commercial software DETELINA.

Stariat mesar

Success Food Company has chosen a system of Eltrade for its production workshop and the company store in Plovdiv. The system consists of commercial software DETELINA, label printer Samsung Bixolon SRP-770, fiscal printer Epson TM-U220 E4 DV and barcode scanners Symbol 2208.


K-express equipped its facilities for fast food with systems from Eltrade. The commercial software installed is DETELINA, with module "Central office" for centralized management of the sites in the chain. POS hardware configuration consists of fiscal and POS printers, electronic scales, POS terminals, customer displays and more.


VIP security Ltd. offers security services and electronic security systems. Company's property is the trademark . Offices and non stationary sites of the company use cash registers Eltrade A100 S KL.


Chain stores for baby goods Imaginarium equipped their sites with POS hardware Eltrade - fiscal printer Epson TM-T81F KL, single-line marking pliers SATO, POS terminal Toshiba ST-A20, barcode scanner Symbol LS 2208 and cash drawers.


Pizza chain Domino's pizza integrated fiscal printers Epson TM-T81F KL by Eltrade to print fiscal receipts.


Chain stores for interior solutions Textura use commercial software DETELINA with a module for connection to a central office, module for data transfer, and software for importing data from a file. The hardware part of the POS system in the stores is also from Eltrade and includes fiscal and POS printers, mobile terminals for data collection, UPSs, barcode scanners, cash drawers and computer configurations. 


Buda's bar restaurant is located in Plovdiv and uses software DETELINA for restaurants from Eltrade.


The chain of hypermarkets for fast moving consumer goods Fantastico uses EDI service provided by Eltrade. EDI provides electronic data interchange between the retail chain and its suppliers. 


Eltrade provides the service EDI (electronic data interchange) to the manufacturer of household appliances TESY.


Chain pharmacies Farmastore uses the service EDI, provided by Eltrade, for electronic data exchange with suppliers.


Piccadilly AD uses the service by Eltrade EDI for electronic data interchange between the chain and the suppliers. Piccadilly also uses the facilities for the exchange of invoices with electronic signature and track traffic documents to and from suppliers through a specific application.


Bella Bulgaria AD is the owner of the trademarks LEKI, SACHI, Naroden, Family, Perelik, Tommy, Flora, Trakiyski kori and Bella. The company trusted Eltrade for the electronic exchange of data with their trading partners. Bella uses also services for the exchange of invoices with electronic signature with the distributors of the company and an archive of documents provided by Eltrade.


Ficosota Ltd. is the owner of the trademarks Pufis, Semana, Milde, Theo bebe, May forest, Kubeti, Saveks, Teo, Bleizi professional, Bulgarea, Motto, All nature, Echo, Theme, Everbel, etc. Ficosota uses the services for electronic data interchange (EDI) with its trade partners in Bulgaria and abroad, and an archive of documents, provided by Eltrade.


The retail chain of the type "Do it yourself" Home Max uses the services for electronic data exchange with suppliers and document archive by Eltrade.

Vitosha Park Hotel

Park Hotel "Vitosha" has a comprehensive management system for restaurant, lobby bar and reception. POS software DETELINA is installed, together with cash register ELTRADE A300, POS terminal and printers.