Electronic cash register ELTRADE A300 02 KL

Electronic cash register ELTRADE A300 02 KL

The cash register ELTRADE A300 KL 02 is designed for medium and heavy duty commercial sites, such as:

  • Small shops
  • Retail chains
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Stalls

ELTRADE A300 02 KL has a large operator display and keyboard with large keys. This makes the cash register extremely easy to use even by older employees.

The fiscal device has a number of features typical for high class cash registers, such as warehouse functions, printing of invoices, and restaurant mode.

Cash registers ELTRADE A300 02 KL have embedded GPRS module for remote connection to the NRA server.

-       Big operator’s display

-       Dimensions: 240/170/75 mm, 0,630 kg

-       Operating temperature: (0) ˚C ̴ (+45) ˚C

-       Capacity of electronic journal - 2GB

-       Number of records in the fiscal memory

-       Number of characters per line

-       RS232 and USB interface

-       Work with up to 480 PLUs

-       Work with up to 9 departments

-       Work with up to 10 commodity groups

-       Programming a button for the type of payment

-       Issues invoices

-       Fiscal printer mode

-       Work in a restaurant mode with up to 34 customer’s accounts and 30 operators working simultaneously. Allows separation of the order for bar and kitchen.

-       Warehouse functions

-       Pre-set time auto shutdown

-       Sale of PLU with free price

-       Issues reports with and without resetting

-       Issues reports on PLUs, operators, tax groups, hours, departments, available quantities, open accounts

-       Expired service contract reminder

-       Possibility to restore parameters

-       Built-in GPRS module for connection with NRA

-       Consumable – thermal paper roll 57mm/13m