Electronic cash register ELTRADE A300S KL

Electronic cash register ELTRADE A300S KL

ELTRADE KL A300S cash registers have user-friendly keyboard with 28 buttons that provide quick access to the commonly used features of the fiscal device. 


ELTRADE A300S KL is a perfect choice for cash register for commercial sites, such as: 

  • Small shops
  • Retail chains
  • Boutiques
  • Grocery stores
  • Fast food
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés


ELTRADE KL A300S cash registers have a highly reliable printer with direct thermal printing and Easy-load mechanism for loading of the paper rolls.

The devices from the ELTRADE A300S KL model have embedded GPRS module for remote connection to the NRA server.

-       Operator’s and customer’s display

-       Dimensions: 220/165/80 mm, 0,550 kg

-       Operating temperature: (-15) ˚C ̴ (+45) ˚C

-       Capacity of electronic journal - 2GB

-       Number of records in the fiscal memory

-       Number of characters per line

-       RS232 and USB interface

-       Work with up to 2100 PLUs

-       Work with up to 10 departments

-       Work with up to 10 commodity groups

-       Programming a button for the type of payment

-       Issues invoices

-       Fiscal printer mode

-       Work in a restaurant mode with up to 67 customer’s accounts and up to 49 PLUs on one account. Allows separation of the orders for bar and kitchen.

-       Warehouse functions

-       Pre-set time auto shutdown

-       Sale of PLU with free price

-       Issues reports with and without resetting

-       Issues reports on PLUs, operators, tax groups, hours, departments, available quantities, open accounts

-       Expired service contract reminder

-       Possibility to restore parameters

-       Built-in GPRS module for connection with NRA

-       Consumable – thermal paper roll 57mm/34m