Еlectronic data interchange

Еlectronic data interchange

COMARCH EDI makes interchanging of documents such as orders, dispatch advices, invoices, receiving advices, etc., easy and fast. Other documents can also be exchanged via COMARCH EDI: inventory reports, sales reports, order responses, stock reconciliations, and all other kinds of documents. EDI reduces mistakes by validation at different stages, prevents document loss, helps archiving. It is cost effective by saving money from phone calls, fax calls, and saves the employees’ working time. There is no more need of constant retyping and checking of piles of paper documents. Every sent and received document is archived, and is easily accessible at any time for different reports or checks. All exchanged data is secured by SSL protocol with 128 bit encoding.


COMARCH EDI platform is flexible to meet the requirements of different sized companies, no matter their business volumes. It is applicable in small, medium, and large companies of all business fields, aiming at improving the communication with their business partners. 

COMARCH EDI is available in three different packages:

WWW service – basic package – allows using of COMARCH EDI operator via web interface.

COMARCH EDI Connector – medium package – offers fully automatic transfer of documents between different interfaces.

EDI system according to the customers’ needs – centrum package – developed for companies with large volume of document exchange. It is based on Biz Talk server and allows different analyses, reports, document management, forwarding of documents to a third parties, as well as inside the company’s structure.

COMARCH EDI is available in different modifications: for producers, distributors, retail chains, etc. 

To become a EDI user via COMARCH EDI platform or to receive more detailed information, please call our COMARCH EDI Helpdesk at

+359 2 818 909,

e-mail: ecod@ecodbg.com

www.ecodbg.com or www.ecod-eltrade.com