ELTRADE A6 MINI POS is a fiscal device with integrated database and POS software "Detelina".  All data can be synchronized from a distance through the network of the mobile operator. The device can synchronize prices, names, amounts of goods, information about the operators and the clients, etc.


Eltrade A6 MINI POS схема

ELTRADE A6 MINI POS has an integrated GPRS connection between a Back Office and a commercial software Detelina included in the package. The database is managed from the Back Office Software Detelina. It supports:

  • Goods
  • Stocks
  • Deliveries
  • Revisions

And many more.

анимация Eltrade A6 MINI POS

You manage one or more POS working place. Several shops can be connected to the Central Office Software. (The Central Office Software is not included in the package.)


ELTRADE A6 MINI POS can work without 220V power supply. The integrated battery makes this device perfect solution for delivery businesses:

  • No need for a mobile terminal
  • Only one device, and it is a fiscal one
  • Clients database for invoices
  • GPRS connection with the stock software
  • Battery operated


usage for delivery ELTRADE A6 MINI POS


  • All financial reports are kept for lifetime
  • The time settings of the device are set automatically through GSM network
  • Takes little space
  • It has no cables
  • No viruses
  • No games
  • No Facebook
  • An easy operating system, that works flawlessly



  • Integrated GPRS connection between a Back Office and a commercial software Detelina
  • All financial reports are kept for lifetime
  • Several shops can be connected wireless to the Central Office Software.
  • Automatic switch off
  • Logo print
  • Operator and customer displays
  • 30000 PLUs
  • 50 departments
  • Electronic journal
  • Dimensions: 270/180/110 mm, 1kg
  • Power supply:
  • - C type adapter(UK type optional):
    INPUT: 100-240V AC 1.0A MAX;
    OUTPUT: +12V DC 2.5A.
    - Li-Ion battery 7.4V/1.6Ah
  • Operating temperature – from -15°C to +45°C
  • Interfaces:
    - GPRS
    - RS232
    - USB 2.0
  • Connectivity:
    - computer
    - electronic scale
    - barcode scanner