Fiscal printer EPSON TM-T260F E2 DV

Fiscal printer EPSON TM-T260F E2 DV

Fiscal printer EPSON TM-T260F E2 DV is high-class printer and provides exceptional reliability and trouble-free operation of the mechanisms in integration with transaction management systems for commercial sites. The fiscal printer is perfect choice for busy or luxury shopping sites such as:

  • Fashion stores
  • Cosmetics stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Busy restaurants
  • Shops for luxury goods

EPSON TM-T260F Е2 DV is equipped with sensors for the end of the paper, for an approaching end of the paper, and for open lids, which facilitate the work with the fiscal printer.

The remote connection to the server of NRA is carried out by means of an external tax terminal ELTRADE CC100 with GPRS connectivity.

All stores of BILLA and NEW YORKER in Bulgaria since their establishment work smoothly with fiscal printers EPSON TM-T260F E2 DV, purchased from Eltrade.

-       1722 records in fiscal memory

-       Prints 40 characters per row

-       Prints up to 500 transactions in one receipt

-       Prints logo

-       Error alert

-       Dimensions: 140/200/300 mm

-       RS232 and USB interface

-       Cash drawer management

-       Connection to customer’s display

-       Alert when connected to the GSM network

-       Technology for easy paper loading - "Drop in"

-       Consumable: thermal paper 76mm / 28m