Fiscal printer EPSON TM-U220A E4 DV

Fiscal printer EPSON TM-U220A E4 DV

EPSON TM-U220A E4 DV is a fiscal printer with proven quality and reliability. The device has an easy-load mechanism for paper roll and automatic cutter with a selection of full or partial cutting of the paper. Fiscal printer’s lids are designed for quick access to consumables and easy maintenance. 


EPSON TM-U220A E4 DV can be used to print fiscal receipts in retail sites such as:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Chain stores

The printer mechanism of EPSON TM-U220A E4 DV is matrix, with 9 pins. The device has sensors for paper end, for approaching end of the paper, and for open lids.

-       1722 record in fiscal memory

-       Prints 40 characters per row

-       Prints up to 500 transactions in one receipt

-       Prints logo

-       Error alert

-       Dimensions: 158/160/250 mm

-       RS232 and USB interface

-       Cash drawer management

-       Connection to customer’s display

-       Alert when connected to the GSM network

-       Technology for easy paper loading - "Drop in"

-       Consumables: Thermal paper 76mm / 28m