POS systems

POS systems

Point Of Sale systems offer a combination of software and hardware for commercial facility management.


The POS (Point Of Sale) system is a commercial facility management solution. It consists of professional commercial software and hardware through which all processes within the facility could be managed – from delivery to sales of goods.

The POS system is aimed at increasing the customer service rate. The system use provides for complete transparency of the operations executed in the facility – from delivery to sales.

Commercial software has different functions depending on the commercial facility type.

Eltrade offers software and professional solutions for shops, supermarkets, shop chains, restaurants, fast food houses and canteen systems. The POS system hardware section integrates fiscal devices, POS printers, barcode readers, labelling printers, mobile data terminals, etc.

By implementing a POS system in your commercial facilities you make use of the following advantages:

  • Speed and comfort when servicing customers
  • Complete accountancy and control over the personnel
  • Detailed sales references
  • Delivery process automation
  • Access levels for operators
  • System of discounts, promotions and games with the customers
  • Inspections at any time
  • Real time tracing the warehouse stock and movement and other similar.

Eltrade is the only company on the Bulgarian market which manufactures fiscal devices, POS devices, consumables and develops commercial software for shop and restaurant management.
We have gained 20 years of experience in the area of POS equipment which helps us provide you with POS systems at the highest professional level.

With the Eltrade POS system you receive:

  • Consultations and professional service by highly-qualified specialists
  • Design and installation of individual solutions depending on the commercial facility needs
  • Professional solution for sales and warehouse management
  • Hardware with maximum reliability from leading manufacturers of POS equipment
  • Maintenance and service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for subscribers