Pre-labelling software

Pre-labelling software

ELTRADE’s software for pre-labelling is developed to aid commercial entities that are frequently changing the pricing and other product information on the labels of the goods they are selling.

If the company is working with different customers and/or suppliers the application will allow the printing of labels with different contents for a selected customer/supplier. The software allows quick and easy changing of the contents and the size of the printed label, which design can be selected from a list of label template designs. The software also has an independent database for pre-labelling in order to support a stand-alone mode, which is not connected to other software products, used in the commercial site.

The labels can include a standard EAN13 barcode, as well as any other 1D standard with a length up to 50 characters. The program also supports weight barcodes staring with 24, 25, 28 under EAN13 standard.

Labels can be printed from any label printer through Windows driver. The installation of the program is greatly simplified, which makes it easy for installation and setup.