QlikView for Detelina

QlikView for Detelina

QlikView is a flexible Business intelligence application (BI) for collecting, storing and analysing data. It allows users with no technical knowledge to make queries and reports by themselves, and analyse information about their business.



The integration of commercial software Detelina with QlikView provides a new and extremely convenient way for business analysis of the activities taking place in stores and restaurants.

QlikView connects to the database of commercial software Detelina.

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The data is combined into a single structure, which is stored in the RAM memory of the computer, providing optimal performance, easy data analysis, and allowing intuitive visualization of queries in tables and graphs. With QlikView you get graphic information for reports on:

- Sales

- Margins

- PLUs

- Changes

- Warehouses

- Employees (operators)

- Types of payment and etc.


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You can select time periods for the reports and compare the results with previous periods. You can visually keep track of trends in certain PLU sales, warehouses, locations and employees. The application is easy to install and provides possibilities to export the data into Microsoft Excel, PDF and direct printing.


An interesting option is the "what if ..." query. The user can make analysis with a change of parameters, such as quantities and prices, and to monitor what could be the result of this real change.


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The in-depth analysis of the sales that QlikView provides is a mandatory part of the puzzle of a successful business.

QlikView allows organizations to not only see their strengths and weaknesses, but to identify trends in the industry in which they operate. The platform can be used by managers, business analysts, and people working with operational information.