POS solutions for restaurants

POS solutions for restaurants

  • Cafes
  • Beer-houses
  • Fast food
  • Busy restaurants


We offer to you attention three versions of management systems for your public house. Solutions are engineered using specialized hardware and software for restaurants. Configurations are exemplary – components may be added, removed or replaced depending on the house needs.


малко заведение

Софтуер за малък ресторант


  • One working place for making sales, management of warehouse stocks and deliveries, for entering prices and making audits.
  • The cash-register operates in fiscal printer mode.
  • Capability for opening several customer bills at a time.
  • Option for printing intermediate bills which are finally closed by issuing a fiscal receipt.
  • Capability for creation of recipes for cocktails, drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Report of the fiscal device by waiters.

 Софтуер за средно голям ресторант

Средно голям ресторант


  • The solution is for one working place. It matches the functions of a Point of sale (POS) and a Back Office System (BOS).
  • All operations are executed from one computer.
  • Management of warehouse stocks and deliveries, price-formation, creation of recipes, audits, discarding goods and other administrative functions are executed during hours which are not so busy, from the same computer which is used also for marking orders.
  • In addition to a fiscal printer for issuing cash receipts and invoices, the system controls a bar printer and a kitchen printer.
  • Possibility for displaying the table arrangement at the POS terminal for faster orientation.

Голямо заведение

Софтуер голямо заведение


  • A solution with two types of working places:
    1) Point of sale (POS, cashier’s working place) for marking orders and issuing fiscal/service receipts.
    2) Back Office System (BOS, administrative working place) for management of warehouse stocks, deliveries, price formation, making audits, discarding goods, creation of recipes and different types of reports.
  • Possibility for control of peripheral devices, such as a fiscal printer or a cash-register, bar and kitchen printers, customer card readers.
  • Automatic forwarding receipts to the bar or kitchen printer.
  • Separating the tables by the room type (parlour, garden, bar), while keeping the table schemes in the program in compliance with their actual arrangement.
  • Detailed reports on sales by waiters, on warehouse stocks, hourly load, etc.