POS solutions for shops

POS solutions for shops

  • Food shops
  • Clothes shops
  • Shop chains
  • Supermarkets 


We offer to your attention three versions of management systems for your commercial facility. Solutions are engineered using specialized hardware and software for shops. Configurations are exemplary – components may be added, removed or replaced depending on the facility needs.


софтуер за малък магазин

схема на софтуер за малък магазин


  • This solution is for one working place with two main functions:

1) Registration and execution of sales (POS).

2) Back Office System (BOS), such as management of warehouse stocks and deliveries, input of prices, making audits and discarding goods.

  • BOS and POS operations are carried-out from one computer.

  • The cash-register operates in fiscal printer mode.

  • Sales are realized easily and quickly using a bar code scanner, an electronic scale and a safe box connected to the computer.

софтуер за средно голям магазин

среден магазин


  • Two types of working places are organized:

1) Point of sale (POS), for sales.

2) Back Office System (BOS) for management of warehouse stocks and deliveries, price-formation, making audits, discarding goods and for generating different types of reports.

  • Flexible system for different types of promotions and discounts for the customers.
  • Issuing customer cards for discounts and vouchers for presents.
  • A photo may be added to the product tag.

Вериги магазини

Софтуер за вериги магазини



  • Real-time monitoring the sales in a commercial chain from one location.
  • Setting the sales prices for the different shops from the central office.
  • The price for the same product may be different in the different shops.
  • Centralized price policy.
  • Possibility for nomenclature management from one location.
  • Comparison of the price on the shelf labels with the one at the cash-register and acceptance of goods via mobile terminals.
  • Execution of partial audits using mobile terminals and monitoring warehouse stocks.
  • Automatic data file interchange via an FTP server.
  • In case of failure of connectivity with the central office, each commercial facility of the chain may operate independently. When the connectivity is recovered, the information in the facilities and the central office is updated automatically.
  • Obtaining summarized information from all the facilities within the chain.