System integration of POS systems

System integration of POS systems

Eltrade offers a range of services that cover the entire process of building systems for management of different types of commercial sites.

We know that the launch of new or the expansion of existing business is extremely important and difficult step. For this reason, the professionals of Eltrade will provide you with advice and practical tips based on long years of experience in the integration of POS systems in stores, restaurants, canteens and many more sites.


The professional advice that you receive in Eltrade will help you organize and optimize the management of your commercial sites.

We have a wide range of specialized hardware for commercial sites that allows us to offer you the most appropriate solution for your business.

The software for retail stores and software for restaurants offered by Eltrade are intuitive to operate, reliable and are being developed continually.

You can view sample configurations of POS systems, as each scheme can be configured specifically according to your needs by adding or removing parts of the system:

  •          systems with hardware and software for a restaurant
  •          systems with hardware and software for retail store
  •          systems with hardware and software for canteens

When preparing a project for the system and its configuration, our guiding principle is to build high quality and reliable solution.

At the stage of testing and installation we are taking all the necessary measures for ensuring continuous operation of installed hardware and/or software.

You and your staff have the opportunity to practice how to work with the system in real conditions, in the presence of Eltrade’s specialists.

Eltrade provides subscription maintenance contracts that are tailored to the specifics of your sites.

Contact us for advice on how to build quickly, efficiently and professionally your POS system. 

Stages of building a POS system

System integration Department of Eltrade provides the following services:

  •          Installation of POS and BOS workstations, which includes connecting all components in the system
  •          Installation of operating system with all necessary settings
  •          Installation of commercial software Detelina or any other software from Eltrade
  •          Installation of a system with hardware purchased from Eltrade or a third party
  •          Visit the site in and outside working hours
  •          Restoration of a damaged database
  •          Copy, import or export data to and from the database
  •          Update the database
  •          Training to work with commercial software Detelina
  •          Issuance of certificate to work with commercial software Detelina
  •          Diagnosis and technical prevention of POS system
  •          Software and hardware settings