Barcode scanners - handheld

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Eltrade offers a wide range of hand-held, desktop and industrial barcode scanners. Since the mid-70s barcode scanners are used in commercial sites to facilitate the sale of goods. Nowadays 3 types of barcode readers are used widely in shops:

  • Laser barcode scanner - developed on the basis of a system of mirrors, which direct the laser beam along the length of the barcode, thus reading and decodes it. The main advantage of laser barcode scanner is the ability to scan from a distance - up to 11 meters. Some models have a network of lines, which allows reading the barcode regardless of its orientation
  • Linear barcode scanner - based on CCD technology used in digital cameras and camcorders. Linear barcode readers are characterized by low power consumption, possibility to read barcodes with poor quality and high speed scanning.
  • 2D imager barcode scanner - based on CCD or CMOS technology. Barcode readers of this type are characterized by a high reliability of the scan, regardless of the orientation of the barcode. Have the possibility to read QR codes and other types of 2D barcodes even from screens.